The Firmís attorneys are licensed to practice in Maryland, Washington D.C. and the U.S. Federal Courts. We have over 15 years of combined experience as attorneys.




Firmís attorney(s) have won jury and judge trials in federal court, state courts in Maryland and Washington D.C. We have prosecuted and defended commercial/construction litigation, property litigation, mechanics liens, consumer protection litigation. The firm has also† handled complex professional negligence† & contract dispute claims exceeding $5 million dollars.




The firm serves as corporate counsel to technology, engineering, and construction companies in Maryland.† The firm has handled sales of businesses, merger of closely held corporations,† stockholder/partnership agreements, and other business transactions.† The firm reviews and negotiates commercial leases, commercial property purchase agreements, contract of sale, and franchising documents.





More than 10 years experience in immigration law including H1B visas, L1 visas, O1 visas, PERMS, EB1 and EB2 based green cards, Consular Processing, and other types of visas.† Firmsí clients include engineering companies, information technology firms, accounting, and non-profits.





The firm has experience with government claims dispute, procurement fraud, Board of Contract Appeals, US Court of Federal Claims, as well as† FAR/DFARs, SBA/8A/HubZone/SDV/SDB contracting.

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